Who we are and why GMD?

For us, GMD (Giuseppe, Masimo and Dean) is more than a business decision and a business vision, which represents a long-term connection of friendship. Prompted by coexistence and previous business collaborations supported by rich business experience in real estate mediation, construction, finance, accounting and other activities related to real estate business, they set out with great passion and ambition to establish a company for which the satisfaction and safety of clients is of immeasurable importance.

In addition to the listed items that motivated us to establish GMD, we place great emphasis on the family approach to the company, which includes many families of our clients, agents and assistants in real estate mediation, where the development of them in the business and private segment is very important to us and the development of the communities in which we do business and operate.

Why GMD?

G.M.D. real estate LLC is a new licensed real estate brokerage company registered in the Register of Brokers with great passion, ambition, experience, professional and empathetic approach to each client in order to provide them with the highest quality and carefree real estate brokerage service.

With our passionate and professional approach, work and experience, we provide protection to our clients and facilitate the selection of the ideal property for them.

  • The professional GMD Law Office provides clients with maximum information, responsibility and care in the preparation of sales documents.
  • Transparent legal transparency of the object, professional legal assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation for the sale of real estate and professional presentation
  • Provision of credit brokerage and energy certification services.
  • Constant high-quality training and education of GMD agents
  • Free consultation, information and familiarization of the client with the real estate market and help in finding a home or investment property.

GMD real estate - safe and pleasant business relationship with great satisfaction.


To stand out in the real estate brokerage market for the excellence of the services and the quality of the relationship with its clients.


GMD real estate is, with its work and effort, to expand its operations in the area of the entire beautiful area and to try its hand at the foreign market.

Our Team

Giuseppe Janko

My name is Giuseppe Janko, I am 31 years old. My interest in real estate started by browsing and following ads, and after the first independent sale, I realized how much I really like the whole process, so the logical sequence was to try my hand at real estate sales.
I consider myself to be honest, fair, funny and communicative, and as such I want to present myself to my future clients.
Finding a suitable property for you and providing you with quality service will be my initial goal, but also my motivation for further progress and work on myself.
In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, travel, meet new people and cultures.
I look forward to any future business cooperation!

Dean Žunić

Hello, my name is Dean Zunic. I was born in Pula and I live in the beautiful little coastal town of Valbandon. Through my growing up, employment, sports and schooling both in my hometown and outside it, I have always been attracted to interaction and communication with people, prompted by this together with the acquired life and work experience, I started by mere chance to deal with mediation in real estate transactions, which is undoubtedly where my great desire and passion to perform the mentioned activity. After many years of experience in real estate mediation, I decided together with my partners to establish my own company "G.M.D. nekretnine d.o.o." so that my passion and enthusiasm, supported by experience, would continue to develop in the aforementioned business.
I hope that you will recognize our enthusiasm and expertise for this activity, because for us this is not a job, but a mutually pleasant cooperation in finding the perfect property for you, so that you can go through the process of buying and selling real estate or, more importantly, buying and selling your future home, together as efficiently and carefree as possible.

Masimo Prodan

Hello, my name is Masimo, I was born and raised in Pula, where I finished my higher education with a master's degree in economics. For many years, I have been working and improving my skills in the field of tourism and catering, and thanks to this, my passion and motivation towards professional real estate was born. Many years of experience, communicativeness, sincerity, diligence and persistence, and knowledge of my native Istria are qualities that guarantee the satisfaction of your needs and desires, and my greatest reward after the sale is concluded is your smile as a satisfied client. With a professional approach, support and guidance, I will do everything to make you feel safe and confident during the process. With joint forces as a company, we want to achieve each of your set goals.

Kristijan Peruško

My name is Kristijan, I am from Istria, where I grew up and still live today. I believe that it is very important to have a good knowledge of the domestic market in order to be able to fulfill the client's wishes when buying or selling their own home or investment. I consider honesty and correctness to be my greatest strengths in this business, and equally indispensable qualities of every quality agent. With my knowledge and skills, I am at your disposal to completely simplify and facilitate the process of buying or selling real estate.

I believe that with my contribution I will fulfill your wishes and expectations and that your satisfaction will lead to our further cooperation in the future.

Luka Žunić

My name is Luka Žunić. After completing my studies in Economics in Rijeka and working experience in sales and procurement, I decided to enter the world of real estate. I have been renovating apartments for several years now and I realized that my area of interest is expanding in this direction. Driven by my passion for renovation, I realized that I wanted to deal with buying and selling real estate. Therefore, I will be happy to help you find the right real estate that will fulfill your vision, whether it was buying real estate as a home or further investments.

For me, every purchase and sale must be done to mutual satisfaction, and my goal is to provide all the necessary information, both to the buyer and to the seller.

Kruna Petrović

Born in Switzerland, grew up and educated in Vojvodina, and my life's journey brought me to Istria. After completing my master's degree in ecology, I gained work experience through student affairs, the oil industry, education and real estate, since my life partner has been in this for years and together we are building the vision of this agency.

I love challenges, getting out of my comfort zone, nature, traveling, our dog Don, and for my virtues in the business world I would highlight organization, responsibility, honesty, empathy and a sense of recognizing the needs of clients and their wishes.

Ana Tomičić

Greeting! My name is Ana Tomičić. I was born and raised in Vienna, where I lived until some time ago. This year I dared to take a big step, leave everything behind and move to Pula. After graduating from the business academy, I gained work experience in the field of accounting as well as in the supervision of the medical market. Being a very open and dedicated person, I decided to enter the field of real estate. I am a very reliable and positive person who is ready to support you and your wishes. I look forward to future cooperation with you!

Karmen Cetina

My name is Karmen Cetina and I was born in Postojna, Slovenia. I spent my childhood and education in Matulji, where I still live today.

More than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, procurement and negotiation together with a direct and sensible approach to people will ensure that your real estate search is a positive one. My real estate journey began in 1995 in Opatija and from the foundations of that time, built on many years of experience, is the continuation of my business career.

People entrust me with their most valuable assets, and that's a responsibility I take very seriously.

Marko Ostojić

My name is Marko Ostojić, I was born in Pula and I have lived in Fažana all my life. I am pleased to highlight my rich work experience in working with people, which enabled me to develop exceptional communication skills. I have always been curious about the real estate market and I feel that this job is the perfect opportunity for me. My communicativeness, dynamism and resourcefulness are my qualities that I consider crucial for the successful performance of this job. I prefer to spend my free time with my family. I like traveling and playing sports. I am ready to dedicate myself completely to provide my clients with the highest quality real estate mediation service possible.

Vanja Ivanuša

Hello, my name is Vanja Ivanuša, I come from the small town of Ludbreg. In Pula, I studied and obtained a university master's degree in Japanese language and culture education. As I met different people and cultures through life and education, gained new knowledge and experiences, I became more and more interested in real estate business. Following on from the above, I learned that we are all different people, as well as our desires and needs for acquiring ownership of residential real estate, as well as our desires to search for the ideal investment property. This is precisely why he would like to help people make the real estate buying and selling process as easy and safe as possible.
I consider myself a hard-working, honest, ambitious person, eager to learn new knowledge and experiences, and through sports I have gained dedication, life and business discipline. I pay attention to details, which I believe will enable me to provide you with a very high-quality service when selling or buying real estate, and my tendency is for every client to approach me with confidence in order to leave our business relationship with great satisfaction.